Meet Our 2019 Fall Intern!

My name is Paddy Mukasa, and I am a Junior at the University of Strathclyde Glasgow, studying BA Honours Business in Accounting. I am a member of the Strathclyde Harriers (Cross country) team.  Originally, I am from a small town of Katosi, Mukono district in Uganda. During my freshman year, I undertook an internship atContinue reading “Meet Our 2019 Fall Intern!”

2018 Summer Intern Wrap Up

From Lilia: This summer spent in Buyobo interning for WMI has been such a rewarding and informative experience. It was so hard to say goodbye to all the incredibly hard-working and kind women I got to know this summer at BWA, and watch the trees and mountains pass for the last time on the carContinue reading “2018 Summer Intern Wrap Up”

Welcoming BWA’s 2018 Summer Interns!

Hi everyone, Our newest interns arrived at the beginning of June and will be here for 2 months working on data entry, teaching english games to the teachers and students of Buyobo nursery school, working with a small group of orphans for a pilot run of a potential new outreach project and interviewing borrowers! WithoutContinue reading “Welcoming BWA’s 2018 Summer Interns!”

Personal Financial Workshop in Buyobo!

Recently I had the opportunity to sit with 12 of our lead coordinators to talk about budgeting, savings, and personal financial planning. Often, budgeting isn’t the most fun topic (especially when we realize how many different expenses we have!) but the BWA women excitedly and actively participated in the discussion. During the session, we reviewedContinue reading “Personal Financial Workshop in Buyobo!”

Successful First Day at Girls Club

By Jess Broughton With a running start to the new year WMI has introduced a new girls group to Tanzania. Accepting school aged girls from 10 to 15, this after school group is a great opportunity for girls from different areas to meet and get in-depth and fun education on entrepreneurship, leadership and health. WithContinue reading “Successful First Day at Girls Club”

Step Inside Our Office: Working Whenever Wherever

The Ganako Women’s Community Organization, one of WMI’s partners,  reaches 250 women in five villages in northern Tanzania. GWOCO keeps an office in only one of the villages. But in reality, the entire communities serve as their offices. When visiting other villages, the staff often relies on schools and village governments to lend meeting spaces,Continue reading “Step Inside Our Office: Working Whenever Wherever”

Borrower Biography – Agnes Wodada

This summer, WMI interns Danielle DaCosta, Xaveria Alvarez and Dan Higgins, had a chance to sit down and speak with WMI borrowers about their life stories.  Over the next few months we will post a series of WMI borrower biographies so that you can meet more of the rural women in East Africa who are benefiting from theContinue reading “Borrower Biography – Agnes Wodada”

KONY 2012: Status of Northern Uganda

The KONY 2012 video has generated significant controvery involving Uganda. On March 9, the Uganda Government responded in a press Release: Misinterpretations of media content may lead some people to believe that the LRA is currently active in Uganda. It must be clarified that at present the LRA is not active in any part ofContinue reading “KONY 2012: Status of Northern Uganda”