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The saga of our partnership with USAID continues! We held a training of trainers back in March, where members of the USAID came out for a full day training with 6 senior VHT members to give a comprehensive overview of the information in the materials and how to use these materials when doing community outreach.

Below are some photos from the training. The next and final step will be to get the rest of the VHT staff trained which will happen in the next couple of months. February, March and April are digging, planting and harvesting season for beans and maiz (this actually gets harvested in June/July) so everyone is busy in their gardens and is not able to take a day away from this to come to a training, which we understand 🙂 In order to be successful we have to be respectful (of people, their time, culture and priorities)!

Enjoy the photos and head to our instagram @wmionline to see a video! Stay tuned for our blog on the training of the rest of our VHT members!



VHT Members with the USAID trainers!


VHT Members, USAID Trainers and our fellow celebrating a successful training 🙂


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By Jess Broughton

With a running start to the new year WMI has introduced a new girls group to Tanzania. Accepting school aged girls from 10 to 15, this after school group is a great opportunity for girls from different areas to meet and get in-depth and fun education on entrepreneurship, leadership and health. With an overarching goal of readying these young ladies for a healthy and successful future, the immediate aim is to provide a safe and relaxed environment to tackle important topics.


The teacher, Christina, sits with the girls to answer questions after class

The group’s first day proved its immediate popularity when an anticipated 25 turned into 30 attendants followed by more girls approaching WMI staff with hopes to join. The girls gathered at Tloma Primary school from Tloma, Aya-Labe, Sumawe and Gongali villages and were provided with notebooks and pens before the start of an informative session on HIV/AIDS. Such an important topic for these young ladies was best taught in this group environment in which they could be open and comfortable to communicate and answer questions without any gender influence.

Following a detailed lesson on the topic the teacher separated the girls into small groups in which they were able to discuss questions together more thoroughly and thoughtfully. This was a great opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and to become more comfortable talking to their peers about such a serious topic. The groups were left with questions to answer, given time and then asked to present their answers to the other groups.


Students eagerly raise their hands to answer the question.

To finish a successful first day of the new club the girls were provided with a football and encouraged to play outdoors together, relax and bond further as a group after some intense work. With weekly sessions planned, more group activities and after session games these girls now have a great source of additional education.

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Had you been an onlooker outside the WMI offices this past Saturday in Buyobo, you would have witnessed long lines of eager women stretching many yards, smartly dressed health workers sanitizing equipment at 8:30 am sharp, and an energetic speaker guiding community members around local gardens, planting seeds.

Lines of women waiting for cancer screenings in Buyobo

The enriching events this past Saturday were the fruit of two new partnerships between local organizations and WMI: Trees for the Future, an organization that empowers rural communities to protect their environments and preserve traditional livelihoods through tree planting, and RAIN Uganda, whose mission is providing education and health resources to villages throughout the area.

Mathius Lukwago, the Trees for the Future representative that came to Buyobo, gave an informative presentation on the importance of protecting tree cover and taking care of the local environment. He spoke about the dangers of cutting trees, how to plant trees, and how to make a nursery bed. His interactive presentation to an audience of 100 women was met with much curiosity and enthusiasm by the Buyobo community. After the presentation, Mathius demonstrated how to make a nursery bed and planted several types of seeds behind the WMI offices. He gave every woman in the audience a handful of seeds to plant at their homes.

Instruction from Trees for the Future on how to make a nursery bed

Buyobo was also very excited to welcome RAIN Uganda back to our community (for a intro to RAIN Uganda, see the blog post from April 20) — so excited, in fact, that 300 women showed up to receive the services they were offering. This time RAIN Uganda brought midwives and health technicians to provide cervical cancer screenings and HIV testing at no cost to our community members. Our visitors worked tirelessly from 9 am to 4 pm to screen a total of 130 women. For those who came but did not get a chance to be screened, we look forward to welcoming RAIN Uganda back for a second weekend of screenings May 11.

RAIN Uganda completing HIV/AIDS testing

The women received results within minutes for both the cervical cancer screenings and HIV tests. Many women expressed relief — stating that they had come to the event expecting to test positive, and were surprised and reassured to receive negative results. All expressed gratitude for the services offered, asserting that difficulty of access and fear of high costs had prohibited them from visiting health centers for testing in the past.

A very heartfelt thank-you to our visitors for enriching our soil and attending to our health.

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