Covid-19 Update- Uganda

The lockdown in Uganda has been extended for 21 days, even as coronavirus cases have only risen by 6 since our last update on April 6th. Now with 58 confirmed cases, 38 recovered, and 0 registered deaths, Uganda seems to have cut the curve on new cases. Yet, we are not out of the woods.Continue reading “Covid-19 Update- Uganda”

Table Tennis Comes Full Circle in Buyobo!

Though not your typical sport, table tennis is a beloved sport in Uganda, which has some added benefits, such as High School and University Scholarships, for youth who prove themselves to be talented and dedicated. But how does a student in a village such as Buyobo get access to table tennis instruction, let alone aContinue reading “Table Tennis Comes Full Circle in Buyobo!”

Yoga Session with Boys and Girls Group

A few months back, Buyobo women’s Association hosted Geoffrey Oryema, a certified yoga instructor, freelance performing artist, and social activist, for a yoga session and short discussion with Boys and Girls Group. A native of Gulu, Geoffrey grew up in the war torn north of Uganda during the time of the LRA, where he “heardContinue reading “Yoga Session with Boys and Girls Group”

Meet the 2019 Summer Intern Team!

This year we have been blessed with the quality and quantity of interns! From our Spring interns (Hilary and Will) who worked on business case studies and how to make your own reusable sanitary pad workshops and community outreach, it has already been a busy year, but we are just getting started! At the beginningContinue reading “Meet the 2019 Summer Intern Team!”

Meet Hilary (our second spring intern ’19)

Hello! My name is Hilary, I am 24 years old and from Leicestershire in the UK. My family originates from Ghana so I have two places I call home. I studied Law at the University of Manchester in the North West of England, the three years flew by and following my graduation I found myselfContinue reading “Meet Hilary (our second spring intern ’19)”

Buyobo Welcomes Will K!

My name is Will Kuenster, and I have just arrived in Buyobo for my two-month stint as a WMI intern. I am originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, so the weather in Buyobo has been a welcome reprieve from the cold and snow! I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in December with degrees in FinanceContinue reading “Buyobo Welcomes Will K!”

Notes from WMI President, Robyn Nietert’s, Annual Visit

Making my 12th trip to WMI loan program hubs in East Africa, I am delighted to report that the impact of the loan program continues to grow.  We first traveled due west 4 hours from Kampala to the Mubende area where we partner with the Buesessa Community Development Association to off loans and training.  TheContinue reading “Notes from WMI President, Robyn Nietert’s, Annual Visit”

USAID & VHT cont’d

The saga of our partnership with USAID continues! We held a training of trainers back in March, where members of the USAID came out for a full day training with 6 senior VHT members to give a comprehensive overview of the information in the materials and how to use these materials when doing community outreach.Continue reading “USAID & VHT cont’d”

Bringing Biogas to Buyobo

Many innovations in clean energy, including biogas, have demonstrated incredible applicability and success within communities here in Eastern Uganda. We have begun exploring the feasibility of bringing home biogas solutions to Buyobo and the surrounding villages for the following reasons! Challenges surrounding today’s energy sources are increasing: Homes in remote villages rely primarily on burningContinue reading “Bringing Biogas to Buyobo”

Welcoming BWA’s 2018 Summer Interns!

Hi everyone, Our newest interns arrived at the beginning of June and will be here for 2 months working on data entry, teaching english games to the teachers and students of Buyobo nursery school, working with a small group of orphans for a pilot run of a potential new outreach project and interviewing borrowers! WithoutContinue reading “Welcoming BWA’s 2018 Summer Interns!”