Covid-19 Update: Uganda Begins to Reopen

Uganda is officially reopening! And operations are resuming again at Buyobo Women’s Association, with July loan issuance happening as planned. Despite a little over 1,000 confirmed cases in Uganda, daily life is returning to business as usual. While masks, temperature gun checkpoints, and handwashing and/or sanitizing have become the new normal, virtually all aspects ofContinue reading “Covid-19 Update: Uganda Begins to Reopen”

Meet Our 2020 Remote Interns!

The Covid-19 pandemic put a hold on our on-the-ground internship program in Buyobo, but thankfully, we were able to host two interns, Cindy and Luke, remotely! Meet them below! My name is Cindy Matsiko and I live in Germantown, Maryland. I am a rising sophomore at University of Maryland Baltimore County studying Psychology and AfricanaContinue reading “Meet Our 2020 Remote Interns!”

A Return to Normalcy

Despite the recent explosion of Covid-19 cases in Uganda, the country has begun its return to normalcy. Well, still restricted, but closer to normal than over the last 2 months combined. The presidential directive to lessen lock-down restrictions came a day after Uganda reported 84 cases, its highest number of confirmed cases in a singleContinue reading “A Return to Normalcy”

Lockdown Uganda- Another 14 Days

Businesses have begun to reopen today, as President Museveni relaxed some of the previously prescribed lock-down measures. Hardware shops, mechanics, wholesalers, metal workers, wood workers, insurance providers, and a limited number of lawyers are now allowed to operate. Restaurants, which were previously allowed to have eat in customers as long as they observed social distance,Continue reading “Lockdown Uganda- Another 14 Days”

Covid-19 Update- Uganda

The lockdown in Uganda has been extended for 21 days, even as coronavirus cases have only risen by 6 since our last update on April 6th. Now with 58 confirmed cases, 38 recovered, and 0 registered deaths, Uganda seems to have cut the curve on new cases. Yet, we are not out of the woods.Continue reading “Covid-19 Update- Uganda”

Covid-19 Updates from Uganda

It’s especially quiet today, despite the background noise of a few cargo trucks, and ambulances. The streets are empty without cars and taxis filled with passengers in conversation; without boda bodas (motorcycle taxis) carrying 2 or 3 passengers on the back to and from. Mbale town seems eerily silent without the normal hustle and bustleContinue reading “Covid-19 Updates from Uganda”

Table Tennis Comes Full Circle in Buyobo!

Though not your typical sport, table tennis is a beloved sport in Uganda, which has some added benefits, such as High School and University Scholarships, for youth who prove themselves to be talented and dedicated. But how does a student in a village such as Buyobo get access to table tennis instruction, let alone aContinue reading “Table Tennis Comes Full Circle in Buyobo!”


As WMI President it is a thrill to make an annual field trip to East Africa to visit the loan hubs and spend time with the ladies in the loan program. Our Buyobo headquarters is providing financial services to over 2,500 rural women in the Sironko, Mbale and Bududa Districts of eastern Uganda – allContinue reading “WMI 2020 FIELD TRIP TO EAST AFRICA”

BWA Travels to Maasai Mara

You may have heard of Maasai Mara, the stunningly beautiful, and wildlife-dense home of zebras, elephants, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, (among others) and the perfect place for observing the great animal migration. But did you know that Maasai Mara is also home to a large population of Maasai people, and residents from other tribes around Kenya?Continue reading “BWA Travels to Maasai Mara”

Yoga Session with Boys and Girls Group

A few months back, Buyobo women’s Association hosted Geoffrey Oryema, a certified yoga instructor, freelance performing artist, and social activist, for a yoga session and short discussion with Boys and Girls Group. A native of Gulu, Geoffrey grew up in the war torn north of Uganda during the time of the LRA, where he “heardContinue reading “Yoga Session with Boys and Girls Group”