Kenya Loan Groups Innovate!


Leaders of the WMI loan groups in the Maasi community of Ngarendare, Kenya have innovated well beyond all expectations.  Receiving their first loans 4 years ago, the group members have developed successful businesses and are now pooling their profits to start a local “Table Bank”.  As spokeswomen Pamela and Ndiagui explained to WMI president Robyn Nietert, more village women wanted loans and training and the experienced borrowers decided to follow the WMI model and start a new loan group of 20 women in 2018, each of whom will receive a $100 loan from the Table Bank.  With their WMI training and track record of success, the loan program leaders expect to extend business opportunities to more rural women who want to take control of their economic lives and be proactive in creating a better future for themselves and their families!

This is the type of critical ripple effect impact that a village run loan program has on the community.   It is difficult to measure using any type of linear methodology but the import is clear: these women have been empowered and have developed the confidence to take the loan program concept to a whole new level on their own!

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